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"Rosebud Roams Charleston"

Written and Illustrated by Sally Hughes Smith

          "Rosebud Roams Charleston"

"Rosebud Roams Charleston"

Clippity-Clop! Rosebud is off and running.  She's running after her dream, and lands right where she longs to be - smack dab in the middle of Charleston!

Already in its fourth printing and set in the extraordinary city of Charleston, this heartwarming story of a young heroine following her dream includes warmth, adventure, and a very strong sense of place.  Join the enthusiastic filly Rosebud as she discovers Charleston, and glimpse a life in this old city as Charlestonians welcome her.  Make a visit or a memory come alive by enjoying the city through the lively story and exploring on your own, using the description of places to go and the accompanying map.   Not only will the book help children ages 3 to 10 to explore, identify, and have fun with the historic city, but its paintings and text are so sprinkled with the flavor of Charleston that it will delight readers of all ages for generations top come.   Sally Smith's vibrant paintings capture the spirit of the story and celebrate the rich layers of beauty that are CHARLESTON!

The book is 44 pages (8" X 10") with 28 original paintings.  A delight to read and see.

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Rosebud Roams Charleston 
ISBN: Hardback 0-933101-19-8 


Sally riding Rosebud.jpg (204967 bytes)"I have always wanted to ride a horse down our Main Street and I got my chance when I delivered the 1st copy of my book to my good friend Charleston's Mayor, Joe Riley."Book Party.jpg (233611 bytes)







The Gibbes Museum Of Art  had a party to kick-off the book and Rosebud Came!


How did you happen to write  the book?         

It all began on a car trip with my children some years ago.  We were talking about how we wished we could invent something simple but wonderful, like the delayed action windshield wiper or the post-it note.  We started thinking about what we really knew about and one of the things was Charleston.  At that time there was no children's book about it and we decided to write one.

Did they help you  write the whole thing?

No.  We were all excited for a short time, got out a notebook and brainstormed, but after about an hour they went back to other activities and I couldn't get the idea out of my head.  They did help a lot telling me what they as children thought the "must go to" places in Charleston were and I put them all in.

What were you trying to do in writing the book?

I started out just to have fun, but the more I got into  the writing and the illustrations, the more I realized how much the old Charleston my children had grown up in was changing .  I then felt a desire to capture some of the flavor of  the city as they had known it before it was no longer that way. I think this is one reason that the book has been popular with adults as well.  I also realized that I had a great opportunity to show through the illustrations the texture and beautiful fabric that pervades this historic city.  I loved including architectural elements and gnarly oak trees, for example, to give a wordless testimony to the visual richness here.

How did you pick Rosebud as your main character?

I have ridden and loved horses all my life as have my children, so having a horse was a natural.  I had a big beloved hunter named Dunvegan at the time and rode him a lot out at Middleton, so I was around horses a great deal and  could paint them after I rode.

How did you pick the name?

Well, I thought the name had personality and I certainly wanted my character to have that!  My sister once had a  feisty horse named Rosebud, so I liked that name.   I did consider putting in a sled as a  hidden reference to William Randolph Hearst's Rosebud sled to see if any of my adult readers would pick up on it, but decided that was a bit too esoteric and left it out.

Will you write more Rosebud books?

There was a time when I considered taking her to other cities-especially Paris!   The truth is that I have several other children's books in progress and am caught up in the fun of them just now, but I won't rule it out.


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These prints are available exclusively from the Gibbes Museum of Art.  100% of sales benefit the museum and its programs.

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